Rear/Non-Steering Axles

At Diamond Axles, we can build many different rear axles for your vehicle. Rear Diamond AxleAs with the front axles, we can handle any width or offset you might need. We can even help with planning out what the offset needs to be to get your pinion in line with a rear output. Also, we can use a number of different tubing wall thicknesses and diameters to meet the needs of your heavy or light vehicle.

Full Float Housing EndFull Float housing ends, complete with brake caliper mounts, AND seals in the housing! The seals are installed next to the 3rd member, no more leaky hubs or flange! SpindleSince the spindle is the weakest part of a Full Float axle, it is now an easy bolt-on replaceable part! The housing can be built with Toyota spindle ends, Dana 60 ends, or others upon request. These ends are only available installed on our housings.

Toyota Housing EndNew Toyota housing ends! These press into the tubing for accuracy and strength.

At Diamond Axles we are constantly looking at options. The options listed below for center sections and outers can be combined almost anyway you can think of.

Centers: Outers: Brake Options: Any Spline count, some common ones for us are:

Rear Diamond Axle

New Option - Big Fill/Inspection Cap:

Allows easy filling of the diff by simply pouring in gear oil. Also, (as shown below) removal of the cap allows for easy view of the ring gear without disassembly. This way ring gears found with chipping can be replaced prior to complete failure.

Big Fill/Inspection Cap Close UpBig Fill/Inspection Cap

Toyota Rear Housing: 9" Center, Ford Big Bearing ends, Semi-Float Housing:

Example Builds:

FJ40/60/80 9.5" Rear

  • 9.5" FJ80 Land Cruiser Center
  • Centered Diff
  • Semi-Float Mini Truck Bearings (Outer)
  • 62" Wide

Example BuildExample Build

8.4/T100 Center

Example Build

Prerunner, 2WD

  • 61.5" Wide
  • 8.4 Center
  • Semi Float, Tapered Wheel Bearings for Withstanding High Side Loads
  • Toyota 5 Lug
  • 2wd Front Disk Brakes
  • Metric Wheel Studs

Example BuildExample Build