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Welcome to Diamond Axles, your home for Rockcrawler designed axles!

Diamond Equiped BuggyDiamond Equiped BuggyDiamond Equiped Buggy

Diamond Equiped BuggyWe've designed our housings to be stronger, more compact, and have the highest clearance possible, ensuring they will stand up to all kinds of off-road abuse. Front Diamond Axle with Dana OutersThe exclusive Diamond Axle design features precision CNC laser cutting, forming, and machining. Let's break down these features.

First off, let's talk clearance. Our housings are cut and formed to wrap tightly around the ring gear and other case features. By doing this, we can achive an overall smaller package. Front Diamond Axle with Toyota OutersThis makes fitting the axle center into tight places much easier. Many other companies reshape the bottom while we trim the whole thing: bottom, top, and front.

What about fitting that new Diamond Axle onto your vehicle? The fabricated steel center section provides for a strong mounting point to easily attach components to your new axle. This allows you to mount steering stabilizers, hydraulic rams, link suspension mounts, and a number of other components to your axle without worrying about "bridging" over the case center. Rear view of a Tacoma equipped with a Diamond AxleYou are free to customize the setup and integrate the axle under your vehicle in whatever manner you wish.

By producing a rockcrawler based housing, we've insured that they will hold up to anything the off-road world can throw at them. Our 3rd member mounting flanges are a step up to 1/2" plate, and our "covers" are CNC formed from one piece of 1/4" steel. With the structural shape of the housing center, plus high quality welding and bracing, these axles will be the last ones you need to buy.

Inner view of an axleWhat sets Diamond Axle housings apart from alternatives? One feature is that these housing are fully welded inside and out! Shown here is the internal brace, fully welded to both the axle tube and center section cover!

Machined Knuckle BallNew: Machined Knuckle Balls. Only available on Diamond Axle housings.