Front/Steering Axles

At Diamond Axles, we concentrate on having a multitude of options available for your front axle needs. Front Diamond AxleWe can build your axle with a variety of tubing diameters and thicknesses to suit weight, tire size, and strength requirements your vehicle has. TacomaBelow you'll find many of the options available to you for center sections and outers, allowing you to combine them in any way to form a complete axle assembly.

Centers Outers Any Spline count, some common ones for us are:

All of Diamond Axle's front axles are only available with disk brakes.

Front Diamond Axle with Dana Outers Front Diamond Axle with Toyota Outers

Something New in Toyota Front Axles:

We hate leaking axles. To eliminate the issue of leaking knuckles on toyota front axles, we are now including new seals next to the 3rd member. Front Seal LocationThese seals ride on 30 spline Longfield shafts or our 27 spline inners and keep the gear oil from getting to the stock problematic knuckle seal. They fit tighter, and with a larger lip. The backside, what you can't see, guides the inner shaft into the differential so assembly is VERY easy, even on the long side!.

New Option - Big Fill/Inspection Cap:

Allows easy filling of the diff by simply pouring in gear oil. Also, (as shown below) removal of the cap allows for easy view of the ring gear without disassembly. This way ring gears found with chipping can be replaced prior to complete failure.

Big Fill/Inspection Cap Close UpBig Fill/Inspection Cap

Toyota Front Housing: 9" Center, Dana 60 Outer Steer Housing:

Knuckle Ball Gussets Side ViewRedesigned knuckle ball gussets! Modification to Toyota Front Housings for greater knuckle ball strength. At time of build, we can add these gussets to your knuckle balls. This greatly increases the strength of the necked down area of the knuckle balls, preventing damage due to jumping and extremely hard rock crawling.

Knuckle Ball Gusset Bottom ViewThese new gussets not only brace top to bottom, but because of the unique shape on the bottom gusset, add support front to back as well! These new gussets can be added to your axle housing to prevent any damage to the knuckle balls, for years of trouble free service in extreme conditions!

Machined Knuckle BallNew: Machined Knuckle Balls. Only available on Diamond Axle housings.


Example Builds:

9"/60 Hybrid

  • Passenger Drop
  • Kingpin Knuckles

Example Build

Toyota/Dana 60

  • Toyota 8" Center
  • Ball Joint Dana 60 Knuckles
  • 62" Wide

Example Build

Toyota Center, Toyota Outers

  • Driver's Side Drop
  • High Pinion Differential with ARB
  • Vented Brakes
  • 4 Piston Calipers
  • ARP Hub and Knuckle Studs
  • 1.25" 1/4" Wall DOM Steering Links
  • 30 Spline Chrome-Moly Inner and Outer Shafts, RCV Brand
  • Completely Assembled

Example Build